d is for disco ball

you bought a small rotating disco ball — for your kids, you said. but several times we set it up on a saturday night and watched the colored lights as we listened to disco music on the radio. it was very fun.


f is for forgive

we always forgive each other for the hurtful things we do or say.

n is for new year’s eve

at 10:00 on new year’s eve, you said we were going to have fun ringing in the new year. we went to a party at this hotel. you talked them into letting us in for free. we drank wine. and danced. and kissed. it was great fun. then we took a taxi home in the pouring rain.

g is for grey

i love the curly grey hair at the top of your chest, where i can glimpse it peeking out of your shirt.

c is for chocolate

we share dark, dark chocolate late at night. it goes really well with red wine and kisses.

n is for nebulous

my friend referred to our relationship as nebulous. that’s a pretty good description.

m is for mulligan

when things have gone badly between us, sometimes we’ll ask each other for a mulligan.