t is for thankful

i am thankful for you.


n is for no

when i asked if it was me, you said, “no, oh god, no.” i felt an enormous sense of relief.

b is for better

there was one day that these six words meant more to me than any others: “sorry, [lily], i will do better.”

t is for twenty

you made me take $20 from you so that i could buy my mother pastries and coffee and tulips on mother’s day.

f is for food

for a long time, when you called me up late at night to ask if i’d like a beef kabob or some chicken for my lunch the following day, i was hurt because it meant that you didn’t want to eat dinner with me, you’d rather be alone. but then i realized that your giving me food is a kind and generous thing.


u is for unpredictable

sometimes you are so unpredictable. like when you call me up at 9:30 and invite me to dinner. or when you show up on my doorstep with a chicken.

t is for taste

the smell of you, and the taste of you.