b is for breath

it would be a good thing if you took a breath and thought before talking. like you taught me to do.


h is for heart

you have such a good heart.

a is for admit

just admit you love me, you silly man.

h is for hot

i can’t believe how hot we are together. fiery, scorching, blazing, burning hot.

b is for blog

you finally noticed that i’d taken down the old blog, and when i told you that actually, i’d moved it, you asked if you could see it. i said it made you too uncomfortable before. although you said it didn’t, and that you really wanted to read it, i think it did. i don’t know what i’m going to do when you bring it up again.

r is for realize

someday you’ll realize why i was the first person you called when your mother died. (you were the first one i called when my father died.)

c is for chance

after this, i realized i’d give anything for another chance.