a is for angry

there are times when it’s been easier to be angry with you than to be sad because of you.


a is for apologize

you apologized for not being kind. and apologized again, saying there was no excuse for what you had done. and i forgave you. and we moved on.

a is for admit

just admit you love me, you silly man.

a is for afraid

what are you so afraid of?

a is for attached

months after i had asked if it was me, and you said no, i asked what had happened with us. and you said i became too attached. actually, i think it was you who became too attached.

a is for appreciate

you told me you appreciate everything i do for you. and i tell you all the time how much i appreciate you.

a is for ashes

you offered to take us out on your speedboat so that we could scatter our father’s ashes. it meant a lot to me, although we didn’t do it.