b is for breath

it would be a good thing if you took a breath and thought before talking. like you taught me to do.


b is for blog

you finally noticed that i’d taken down the old blog, and when i told you that actually, i’d moved it, you asked if you could see it. i said it made you too uncomfortable before. although you said it didn’t, and that you really wanted to read it, i think it did. i don’t know what i’m going to do when you bring it up again.

b is for benefits

it was pretty clear that we were friends with benefits. but later you said we were so much more.

b is for boleo

this quote is about the tango, but it could be about us:
the boleo is an act of regret… the leader is sending the follower away,
but then in an instant he changes his mind and pulls her back to him.
-maria finn, hold me tight and tango me home

b is for better

there was one day that these six words meant more to me than any others: “sorry, [lily], i will do better.”

b is for beautiful

you are beautiful to me. (which means so much more than handsome.)

b is for break

i’ve always been afraid you’ll break my heart.