c is for certain

i wish i were certain of you.


c is for call

a friend once suggested that i think of you as just a booty call, that it would make it easier not to get my heart broken.

c is for choose

oh come on, choose to be with me.

c is for chance

after this, i realized i’d give anything for another chance.

c is for coincidence

on the first day of summer, you surprised me with a midnight ride in your dinghy. i know it was because i was having a bad day, and not because you saw this post, but what a strange coincidence.

c is for carpe diem

we look at time in such different ways: you always think there will be time later. i think there might not be, that we should seize the day, carpe diem, and all that.

c is for comparison

an old email from me to you: “being with you is so much better than being with people when i was younger. there’s just no comparison. it’s more mature and sensitive, but mixed with fun and craziness and wildness and passion.”