d is for dysfunctional

oh yes, believe me, i know we have a dysfunctional relationship.


d is for done

there have been times when i thought we really were done.

d is for ding dong

an email from you: “i may be a ding dong at times.”

d is for doubt

i never should have doubted that you would be there for me. you, out of everyone, always have been.

d is for do

we were fooling around, and you said: “you can’t do that with anyone but me.”

d is for dinner

we talked for a bit, kissed for a bit. i left at 10. an hour later you called and asked if i could come back. i did. you kissed me and then stepped aside to reveal candles, a nice bottle of wine, and an amazing dinner. it was perfect.

d is for drive

when you couldn’t drive for a while, i drove you everywhere.