e is for exceptional

it had been so long since we’d hung out together that when we did — and talked, kissed, laughed, drank wine, and danced — it was truly exceptional.


e is for energy

you take way too much energy.

e is for easy

although i try very hard to be your friend, you don’t always make it easy. but i bet you could say the same of me.

e is for everything

you mean everything to me.

e is for every

there was a time when we’d have dinner together almost every night. you’d call me to find out what time i’d be home, and if i wanted dinner. we’d eat late, talk, laugh. it was very nice, and very fun.

e is for email

sometimes we send each other very, very sexy emails.

e is for everything

we tell each other everything. (and you’ve said you tell me more than you tell anyone else.)