r is for remember

we kissed, we had a lot of fun, and then we cuddled, for the first time in a very long time. and it was truly a night to remember.


r is for realize

someday you’ll realize why i was the first person you called when your mother died. (you were the first one i called when my father died.)

r is for rain check

quite often you ask for a rain check. quite often we don’t follow through on it.

r is for regret

when we stay up too late, even though we know the next day will be hard because we’re so tired, we say, “no regrets.”

r is for roshambo

we play roshambo.

r is for rain

one night we kissed passionately while standing in the pouring rain.

r is for rollercoaster

being with you is like riding a rollercoaster. one day everything’s great, the next it’s not. one day you want to hang out with me, the next you don’t.