s is for spontaneous

it’s sure been a week for spontaneity: a late-night dinghy ride. this. a late-night dinner delivery. a surprise lunch delivery. and late-night dinner and dancing.


s is for sick

i feel sick to my stomach when i realize i’ve hurt you, or when we fight.

s is for soup

once, when i was sick, i mentioned hot and sour soup on the phone. a few minutes later, you showed up on my doorstep with a bowl of it, and said, “you wanted soup and i had to make sure you got it.”

s is for summer

summer makes me think of all the midnight rides we used to take in your dinghy. a bottle of wine, a warm, quiet night, the stars, lights on the water, kisses. perfect.

s is for start

i wish we could start over.

s is for sorry

i’m pretty sure i say i’m sorry too often. but you don’t say it often enough.

s is for scared

i know you get scared of how close we are. you used to disappear. this time you picked a fight.