t is for three

almost three years in, and one day i noticed how amazingly blue your eyes are, and another day you noticed how straight my teeth are.


t is for together

i used to think we’d end up together, forever, eventually.

t is for toast

each year you’re surprised that i remember the anniversary of the deaths of your friends (who were our neighbors), and ask you to toast them with a glass of wine.

t is for try

after you told me i’d become too attached, you said you’d met someone online. i tried to be happy for you because i just want you to be happy.

t is for tacos

when i told our friend that you’d brought me tacos, he said, “oh, it’s his way of giving you flowers.”

t is for trust

i discovered that our mutual friend had been saying things to each of us that he shouldn’t have been. i discovered that you have to be careful who you trust.

t is for thankful

i am thankful for you.