e is for exceptional

it had been so long since we’d hung out together that when we did — and talked, kissed, laughed, drank wine, and danced — it was truly exceptional.


w is for wrapped

a guy i went out with just once, but emailed with quite a lot, told me that i was wrapped around you.

n is for not

suddenly it seems like you’re not the person i thought you were.

o is for odd

we’re in an odd place. we’re both so busy that we have little to do with each other.

i is for internal

you’ve gone all internal again, and disappeared for a couple of weeks. i thought we were past this.

c is for certain

i wish i were certain of you.

c is for call

a friend once suggested that i think of you as just a booty call, that it would make it easier not to get my heart broken.