f is for forever

foreveri can’t wait for you forever.


s is for same


things change, yet they remain the same.

c is for cook

cookit’s very sexy to watch you cook. but, for some reason, you don’t like me to.

m is for many

manyhow many chances do i have to give you.

d is for deserve

deservethere have been times i think i don’t deserve you.

o is for old

oldour mutual friend says that we act like an old married couple.

love letters, a to z

inspired by david levithan’s the lover’s dictionary, this blog documents our relationship through the use of words that remind me of us. of moments between us that i don’t want to forget.

they’re random and not altogether chronological.

they were originally posted on another blog i started in june 2011 (almost two years after we became involved). when i told you — eventually — about the blog, it made you uncomfortable, and made me too self-conscious. so i’m moving them over to this blog, and i’ve deleted the old one.

i don’t know if i’ll ever show this to you.