h is for handful

there have only been a handful of times i’ve turned down your (always last-minute) invitations.


h is for hard

relationships shouldn’t be this hard.

h is for heart

you have such a good heart.

h is for hot

i can’t believe how hot we are together. fiery, scorching, blazing, burning hot.

h is for holding

we’re in a sort of holding pattern.

h is for heart

when i told our friend i was depressed because you’d broken my heart, he was surprised. he said he couldn’t imagine your doing that — not that you’re not capable of it, but that i couldn’t love you enough for that to happen.

h is for hate

there was a night when we were talking on the phone and you kept saying, “don’t hate me, please don’t hate me.” i don’t know why you said it. i could never hate you.