f is for fireworks

two years ago, on the fourth of july, we went out on your speedboat with two other couples to watch a neighboring city’s fireworks. we ended up being able to see about eight different displays, although most were far away. it was amazing, and very fun.


f is for fight

we fight more than i’ve ever fought with anyone else. but we always forgive each other and start over.

f is forgotten

when you found out you’d forgotten my birthday, you showed up on my doorstep with a candle — okay, a lighter — and sang happy birthday to me.

f is for food

for a long time, when you called me up late at night to ask if i’d like a beef kabob or some chicken for my lunch the following day, i was hurt because it meant that you didn’t want to eat dinner with me, you’d rather be alone. but then i realized that your giving me food is a kind and generous thing.


f is for friends

you said we’re friends for life. i hope you’re right.

f is for funner

we both agree that “funner” should be a word.

f is for fantasy

we’ve shared many fantasies with each other, but we haven’t yet shared them.